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Welcome from Prof. Abdulla Abdul Rahman, President, Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists
Welcome from Prof. Ahmed Okasha, Honorary President, Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists
Welcome from Dr. Adel Karrani, Conference Chairman

Welcome from Prof. Abdulla Abdul Rahman, President, Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to our 12th Pan Arab Psychiatric Conference to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 29th of November to the 1st of December 2012. We are delighted to be your host in the city of Dubai, which has its sights set on joining the ranks of the world’s leading Public Health Care providers, thanks to the vision and leadership of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance, President of the Dubai Health Authority, Patron of the Award for Medical Sciences and Chairman of the Emirates Medical Association.

The theme selected for the congress is: Mental Health Changes in the Arab World ‘Violence, Trauma and Recovery’. Recently, the Arab world has seen a lot of violence which resulted in grievous physical and psychological trauma. We, the mental health specialists shoulder the responsibility towards our people’s welfare regarding all forms of mental health care. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible methods to aid with their cure and recovery

I expect to see a very well organized meeting in the very attractive city of Dubai, which, I am sure, will build upon our previous experiences and successes especially the 11th Conference which took place in the city of Khartoum during December 2010. Together with a carefully selected educational program and a group of highly renowned regional and international keynote speakers, I expect significant scientific enrichment for all participants.

I promise you and your guests a unique multi-cultural experience, Dubai is one of the best equipped cities to host conferences. Hospitality is deep-routed in their culture and no effort will be spared in making your participation, both professionally and culturally enriched. I look forward to welcoming you to Dubai.


Prof. Abdulla Abdul Rahman
Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists

Welcome from Dr. Ahmed Okasha, Honorary President, Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists

The 12th Pan Arab Psychiatric Conference in Dubai will be the second after Bahrain in the Gulf region. There is no place in the world in which there are wars, regional conflicts, violence, an uprise of the masses, tribal and generation conflicts more than the Middle East. Violence begets violence, and the only way for resolution is negotiation and acceptance of dialogue without determined preconditions. Wars and violence have severe psychological repercussions ranging from PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, laxity of morals and unemployment.

The mental health professionals have the duty to address not only the management of Mental disorders but the prevention and rehabilitation of those disorders as well as the promotion of mental health in the community. I hope the title of the conference will come with certain recommendations for the policy makers in the Arab world to promote mental health and to reduce misery and suffering.The Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists’ community is an example of the hopeful unity which the Arab people strive to achieve with aspiration, satisfaction and compassion.

In regards to mental health services in the Arab world, out of 20 countries for which information is available, six do not have mental health legislation and two do not have a mental health policy. Three countries (Lebanon, Kuwait and Bahrain) had, in 2007, more than 30 psychiatric beds per 100,000 population, while two (Sudan and Somalia) had less than 5 per 100,000. The highest number of psychiatrists is found in Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, while seven countries (Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) have less than 0.5 psychiatrists for 100,000 populations. The budget allowed for mental health as a percentage of the total health budget, in the few countries where information is available, is far below the range to promote mental health services. Some improvement has occurred in the last decade, but the mental health human resources and the attention devoted to mental health issues are still insufficient. We are hopeful that this Conference will help to raise awareness and further improve the Mental Health services in the Middle East. I look forward to welcoming you to the 12th Pan Arab Psychiatric Conference in Dubai.


Prof. Ahmed Okasha
Honorary President
Pan Arab Federation of Psychiatrists

Welcome from Dr. Adel Karrani, Conference Chairman

It is with great pleasure not only to observe the recent birth of the Emirates Psychiatric Chapter, but also to organize its first Regional Scientific Conference under the umbrella of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists.

I am very excited about this important occasion where, in addition to attracting many regional and international key figures and leaders in the field of Psychiatry, I am confident that it will make significant changes in the awareness and implementation of the discipline in the region.

Mental Health and Psychological disorders have had a great impact on the health of the Middle Eastern people, although little emphasis has been given to them in the past they have come to the fore after the recent events that have taken place in the region, I believe that the conference will provide a unique opportunity, for all concerned, to share & acquire knowledge and experience in a wide spectrum of topics that are related to mental health care.

The conference will incorporate a number of industry leading learning tools such as workshops, hands on training as well as structured poster sessions not to mention lectures and key note speeches from world renowned experts in the field of Psychiatry. On behalf of the organizing committee I would like to bid everybody a warm welcome to the beautiful city and shopping paradise that is Dubai. I know you will find Dubai’s cultural vibrancy to be matched by a dynamic medical knowledge.

I am honored to invite you to share with us the updated knowledge and recent developments in the field of Psychiatry that is provided in this conference during a three day period from the 29th November -1st of December 2012.


Dr. Adel Karrani
Conference Chairman


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